Dr Sherief Elsayed

MB BCh MRCS (Eng) FRCS (Tr & Orth) CCT (UK)

Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Dubai & Sharjah

Research & Publications

Dr Sherief Elsayed has been directly involved in a number of research projects – providing ideas for research, mentoring juniors, collecting and analyzing data, writing manuscripts and presenting at local, national and international conferences. To date, his dedicated work includes numerous publications and presentations. Two of his research projects have won prizes.


He has also authored / edited a number of books / book chapters listed below:

Elsayed S International Editor, Miller Review of Orthopaedics 6th Ed, Elsevier, Philadelphia

ISBN: 978-1-4377-2024-2, 2012

Chapter; Pelvic & Spinal Trauma Postgraduate Orthopaedics: Viva Guide for the FRCS (Tr & Orth) Examination, ed. Paul A. Banaszkiewicz and Deiary F. Kader. Cambridge University Press 2012

Elsayed S and Cosker T Finals Revision Guide: Surgery 1st Edition 2006, 2nd Edition 2007, 3rd Edition 2008; Professional Medical Education ISBN 978-0-9554710-0-1

Elsayed S and Cosker T Finals Revision Guide: Medicine 1st Edition 2006, 2nd Edition 2007, 3rd Edition 2008; Professional Medical Education

ISBN 978-0-9554710-0-8

Elsayed S and Cosker T F1 Preparation Skills 1st Edition 2007; 2nd Edition Mar 2009 Professional Medical Education ISBN 0-9554710-4-4 

Cosker T, Elsayed S and Gill N ST Application Guide Feb 2008 Professional Medical Education


Dr Sherief Elsayed has published numerous articles on various topics in Spinal Surgery. In addition, Dr Sherief Elsayed has presented work at numerous National and International conferences. His current list of publications includes the following:

  • Whiles E, Shafafy R, Valsamis E, Horton C, Morassi G, Stokes O, Elsayed S The Management of Symptomatic Lumbar Disc Herniation in Pregnancy: A Systematic Review. 2019 Dec: Global Spine Journal; DOI: 10.1177/2192568219886264

  • Shafafy R, Valsamis EM, Luck J, Dimock R, Rampersad S, Kieffer W, Morassi GL, Elsayed S Predictors of Mortality in the Elderly Patient with a Fracture of the Odontoid Process Bone Joint. 2019 Mar;101-B(3):253-259

  • Ricketts D, Roper T, Rogers B, Phadnis J, Elsayed S, Sokol D Informed Consent: The View from the Trenches Ann R Coll Surg Oct 2018

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  • Singh Grover H, Shafafy R, Valsamis E, Jones C, Stokes O, Elsayed S Do we have the right PROMs for measuring outcomes in Cervical Spine Surgery? A Systematic Review Submitted: European Spine Journal

  • Elsayed S et al A Systematic Review of Pharmacological Management of Axial Spine Pain Submitted: British Journal of General Practice

  • Ali H, Al Sakban A, Shafafy R, Valsamis E, Elsayed S A Systematic Review of Pharmacological Management of Radicular Pain Submitted: British Journal of General Practice

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